Specialty Care Grooming

Carols Pretty Pets Salon grooms pet that have special needs.

This service is for.

  • • Pets with separation issues
  • • Senor pets
  • • Pets with health trouble.
  • • Pets with behavior issues
  • • If they have arthritis and can not lift their legs up well.
  • • If they can only stand for a short time. Due to bad limbs or age
  • • If they are unable to stay away from home or here at the salon due to taking medications

On this service we groom your pet and you stay with them the whole time your pet is here to comfort your pet.

And you know every thing that goes on with your pet due to special needs.

Your cost depends on your pets needs and type of pet. You pay for the groom (for the type of pet you have) and a $10.00 fee.

This is a book ahead service for I can only do 1 special pet per day

All baths and clips include

  • • ears cleaned
  • • anal expression unless health issues or owner does not want this
  • • nail clipped
  • • bath
  • • trim pads and privets
  • • hair clipped

If bath only---- we trim up face feet but do not clip all of body.

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